Visit Recap: Neely’s On Grand

Neely’s 2I recently found myself in Marshall, TX for business and I used the opportunity to visit Neely’s on Grand. This BBQ joint has been in business since 1927 and it continues to offer a BBQ menu based on sandwiches. That’s right, sandwiches. The most notable being “The Brown Pig”. Not pulled, not chopped, but minced pork served on a 4 inch bun with mayo, lettuce and a tangy Carolina style sauce.

Their sandwich menu includes “The Brown Beef”, “The Blazing Pig” with hot links, “The Little Pig” with smoked pork tenderloin, sliced beef, a classic ham and cheese sandwich, and more.

Neely’s also serves burgers, salads, and pies. Speaking of pies, I ordered a slice of their homemade buttermilk pie anNeely’s 3d it was definitely the high point of the meal. Be advised that not all of the pies served at Neely’s are homemade. So be sure to ask before you order.

While I was there they sold out of “The Brown Pig” and the buttermilk pie. Before 1pm. So if you plan on stopping by, it may be a good idea to show up early. Seating is also limited.

Neely’s On Grand

1404 E. Grand Ave.

Marshall, TX 75670


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