Houston: Gatlin’s BBQ

The holidays are busy times.

With everyone’s different schedules, sometimes it’s hard to plan what to cook and know when everyone will arrive to eat it. But sometimes it’s just easier to buy a whole bunch of meat and let the family enjoy it whenever they all arrive.

That’s what we did on Christmas Eve, and thankfully Gatlin’s BBQ was open early afternoon to fulfill our holiday meat cravings.

The spread included the Texas Trinity of meat, (brisket, ribs, sausage) and sides.

Gatlin’s BBQ

Holy crap, right?

Transporting meat can be a letdown, but Gatlin’s held up by the time we got it back home. I would’ve loved to see unsliced sausage, but you know- details. Brisket was a mix of lean and fatty, and the juices created a nice little pool of flavor.

The star of the meal were the ribs. Great flavor with the meat and the bark that was unfortunately missing a bit from the brisket. No matter, because overall the acclaim is deserved.

Check out one of the Houston BBQ heavyweights at:

3510 ELLA BOULEVARD, HOUSTON, TX, 77018, UNITED STATES(713) 869-4227

Visit their website HERE

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